Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Heart Hair Clip

Hi! It's Jilly. My hubby has to work until 9 AND he's on-call, so it's just me and the kiddos tonight. Happy Lame-en-tines...

We watched a chick flick together last night to celebrate (Return to Me, one of our 'special' flicks. Have you seen it?! It's awesome!). But, half the movie I was busy putting together the kiddos' Valentines. Funny how things change over the years, eh?

Last night I also made some hair clips for the girls to wear today. They are SOOOO ridiculously easy. I'm not even kidding. Took me, like, 5 minutes. 10 tops.

What do you need?
2 pieces of felt in 2 different colors (I used hot pink and red.) The cheap sheets from the craft store are perfect.
Hair clips/alligator clips
Craft glue
Hot glue gun with glue in it (Obviously. Won't do you any good w/o the glue in it, right?!)

The Tute:

1. Cut 2 hearts out of a square of felt, one a little smaller than the other.

2. Glue the smaller heart to the bigger heart.

3. Glue a button in the center of the smaller heart. Wipe off the excess glue that squooshes out of the button holes.

4. Cut a scrap of felt big enough to cover the alligator clip. Clip the hair clip onto the felt scrap.

5. Squirt hot glue all over the backside of the clip & felt.

6. Press the felt and clip down onto the backside of the large heart.

That's it!! I told you it was super easy! You might even be able to whip one up before the kids get home from school!

I hope you all have a fabulous (not lame-u-lous) Valentines Day!

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  1. Thanks for linking up this week! Your blog is so cute and now I am following you! Welcome to The CSI Project!!! Come back every week!

  2. Darling little hairclips! I'm sure your daughters loved wearing them. Return to Me is one of my favorite movies and one I watch every so often - so sweet! I'm a new follower. Blessings!


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