Monday, October 26, 2015

Cultivating Kids' Community Service Through Gardening

Hi! It's Jilly. It's been fun getting to know our new hometown. A couple girls I've met started a non-profit organization called Little Hands Can. Their mission is for "service to be an easy, intuitive activity for you and your child. We provide quick, cheap, simple ideas for doing your own service as well as events where we all serve together. We hope that through service our children will become more loving, helpful world citizens." (from their Facebook page.)

A little while ago the kids and I were able to go to one of their events at the GrassRoots Garden.
Cultivating Kids' Community Service Through Gardening

The GrassRoots Garden is such a neat place. It is a magical 2.5 acre garden in the city, and the produce grown in the garden is donated to the local food bank.

carrying boxes in the grassroots garden eugene oregon
When we first arrived we helped harvest kale. I'd never worked with kale before!
harvesting kale in the grassroots garden eugene oregon
They let us take a bunch home so we could give it a try!
holding a bunch of kale grassroots garden eugene oregon
Next, we were able to go on a "tasting tour" of the garden. The kids loved walking through the green bean tunnel and trying all the fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.
green bean tunnel grassroots garden eugene oregon

tasting tour grassroots garden eugene oregon

After the tasting tour we helped harvest rows and rows of beautiful Roma tomatoes. It felt good to get our hands dirty and connect with God's beautiful Earth, while also helping our community.
roma tomato grassroots garden eugene oregon

When we were done with the tomatoes it was time to eat! Every day they make lunch for all the people working in the garden. All the food is made with things grown is the garden. It was so fresh and wonderfully fragrant.

It was so lovely sitting under the grapvine-covered pergola, enjoying the fruits of the harvest and chatting with fellow volunteers. The kids loved working in the garden and are excited to return.
grape vine pergola grassroots garden eugene oregon

If you live near Eugene, Oregon you should definitely visit the GrassRoots Garden sometime, and join one of the Little Hands Can activities. Little Hands Can also posts simple service ideas on their website for kids of all ages, no matter where you live. So, get out in the community and do some good!

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