Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guest Posting at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me

Hi! It's Jilly. Just wanted to let you know I am guest posting over at my friend's blog today, Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me. I put together a 'reel'y fun gift basket, AND I made a FREE PRINTABLE to go along with it!! I'm super excited about how it turned out.

So, should go check it out. I'm just sayin'...

Also, don't forget to come back on Friday for the Weekend Blog Walk.

"See" ya later! :)


  1. I'll go check it out now! Hey, I'm doing my first guest post!! Hope you can come over and check it out too!!

  2. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the mingle, and I'm your newest follower! I'd also love to have you check out a fabulous Triple Giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!

  3. Hi I'm a new follower from the weekend follow... Would love for you to come by and visit and follow back Tips 4 Saving . Keep in Touch!


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