Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Junior High Yearbook Flashback

Hi! It’s Jilly. As I’ve been trying to make our apartment a home I’ve come across some…interesting things. One thing I found was my old junior high and high school yearbooks. Looking through them reminded me of how fun and awkward a time junior high is. Btw- isn’t “awkward” an awkward word?! Even typing it is awkward. Aack!

Moving on…

I thought I’d share with you guys some of the hilarious things from my old junior high year books. Join me on a blast from the past!

First, behold my 8th grade portrait. Uhm, can you say “Yikes”?! Wow. Just…wow.

8th grade portrait

Unfortunately, I only look slightly less geeky now. *sad face* But, what I really want to know is WHO picked out those frames?! They cover half my face!

The next gem is all those clever little poems people wrote in the book when signing their names. Here is a sampling of the amazing poetry found between these pages.

yearbook poem

“God made wind/God made the waves/God made surfers/And surfers are babes.”

“Spring has sprung/Fall has fell/3 more months/And we’re back in jail.”

“When you are old an cannot see/Put on your specs and, of course, think of me.”

“I auto cry'/I auto laugh/That you would want my autograph.”

“Some write for money/Some write for fame/But I write only to sign my name.”

“God made rivers/God made lakes/God made you/We all make mistakes.”

Oh! And don’t forget the “crack” jokes! It is junior high, after all.


Another hilarious slash mortifying find was a picture taken during my English class. Check out that amazingly awesome sweater! It’s, like, “Ta daaaaaah!”. You are all hoping I still have that sweater so you can borrow it, I know.

old yearbook English class pic 

The funniest thing in the whole book had to have been this.

junior high choir

What’s so funny about a choir picture? Everyone looks nice. Nothing out of place. Wait..why is there a “#8” written on the page? THAT, my friends is the most embarrassing part! Back when I was in junior high I went through my yearbook and marked every.single.time  my crush appeared in the book!! As you can see, this was the 8th appearance. *shaking my head* Guys, please tell me I’m not the only boy-crazy, teenage girl to do something like this! Because if I am the only one, well…I don’t know what to say about that.

I hope you enjoyed our little junior high flash back today. To see me embarrass myself more, follow along through GFC, Facebook or Twitter. Stay cool! Have a fun summer! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!


  1. Your sweater *is* pretty awesome, but I'm really loving your teacher's pants and long sweater, and her rockin' hair!

  2. New Follower from Mom's Monday Mingle. I threw away all my yearbooks for this very reason!!! My husband would never let me live ANYTHING down!!!

    Jill @ www.heartworkhomeschool.com

  3. Hahahaha! This is so totally awesome! That was the year we were best friends. Unfortunately, I never got that year book since I moved, and for some reason I don't think I ever got to look at yours. Why was that? I had that same English teacher. Were we in the same class? I can't for the life of me remember what your crush's code name was, but I noticed that he is standing next to "string bean", son of the witch. Ahhh, those were the days!

    1. Ha ha ha!! Yes, those were the days! Sad that you didn't get a yearbook. Although...maybe it's a good thing?

      And, I don't think he's standing next to "string bean", though, because that is a pic from 9th grade choir and I don't think he was in it. And, we had so many 'code names' for my crush that I can't remember any of them at all! Lol!

  4. Lol- you're too funny! I love the sweater and that you were counting like that. Oh, those were the days.

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2

  5. Elvis has left the building....remember? Fun fun this is how I remember you actually. Wonder how you remember me!


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