Monday, October 15, 2012

Decorating for Fall

Hi! It’s Jilly. Sometimes I feel like I’m always 2 or 3 steps behind. I got some fall decorations up a week or two ago, but I’m just now blogging about it!

halloween decorations

Why yes, I DO still have a wedding picture in that picture frame. Hey, I’m lucky to have Halloween decorations up at all, okay?!

halloween decorations2

One of my favorite parts is the “Boo!” pennant banner. A few years ago a few friends and I got together once a month to do a seasonal craft. We each brought all the supplies to do a simple, inexpensive craft. This banner was my contribution. Amazingly it has lasted all these years!

boo banner

I’m afraid you can’t see it very well, but the font I used was “Circus”. It adds a whimsical quality, but is still a little spooky! It’s pretty easy to figure out by looking at it, but if you’d like instructions to make the banner, just shoot me an email at

Hallowen decorations 3
I got that”R” pumpkin on clearance after Thanksgiving at Hobby Lobby for 90% off!! And, the vases were on clearance in the garden dept at Home Depot at the end of summer a couple years ago. You never know where you’re going to find great stuff!

Halloween decorations 4

I love the little black cat. You can put a tealight candle in it and the eyes glow! I love the pumpkin, too. Awesome clearance find at Joann’s one year.


Yes, I went through and picked out all the red, yellow, brown, and orange Pretzel M&Ms. Ridiculous, I know. Hey! Looks like someone’s been eating those! It wasn’t me (this time).

Like the bone? I used some of Hubby’s old foot and leg models from school. Being married to a podiatrist isn’t all bad. ;)

Halloween decorations 5

I got the cauldron from Target last year. It came with some nasty, super sweet drink mix. But, because it had drink mix in it I was able to buy it with food stamps. Sweet!

Over the years while we were in med school I came up with some pretty  creative things to buy that were covered by food stamps because they had food attached. A salad dressing bottle, toys, movie tickets…Maybe I should tell you guys all about it sometime.

The creepy stuff coming out of the cauldron is…CORN SILK! K arranged it herself! Maybe I have a future decorator on my hands. Or, some other profession that involves draping corn silk on caldrons. Hmmm…

I hope you guys enjoyed a little slice of Fall at my house! Follow along on Facebook or Twitter to see more goodies from me!


  1. I love your decor. I guess to get steals like that I have to buy items after the season ends to decorate next year. lol. Love the pumpkins and the boo banner.

  2. Don't feel bad about the wedding pic - we still have them all over (5 years later!) Love that bunting!!


  3. Loving the decor! Found you via Friday Chaos!

  4. Very cute decorations! For some reason the fall decorations are all so rustik.

    Following from friday chaos blog hop.

    xox Ellen from

  5. very cute, very cute

  6. ** New Follower** Your decorations are so cute. and to take the time to pick out the yellow, orange, red and brown M&M is just funny but it fits in perfectly. found you through the FRIDAY CHAOS blog hop :)

  7. First time joining this hop :) Following via GFC now and would love it if you stopped by sometime!
    I haven't done any inside halloween decorating at all ;) I always seem to just skip it...


  8. So glad I found you! Your decor is ADORABLE! Newest follower from the chaos hop. :) Happy hostessing! Hope to see you at Me + the Moon sometime :)

    ♥Nicole @

  9. I love the little touches you added to your decorations! It adds just the right amount of atmosphere for Halloween and fall. Stopping by from the Friday blog hop!

  10. my boo pennant bit the dust this year. BOO :(


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