Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume Flash Back!

Hi! It’s Jilly. Thank you for all your concerns! The storm seems to have passed by us! We are dry and have power! But, we are still praying for those in areas affected more than we were!

I thought it would be fun to look at all the costumes the kids have had since they were babies for (almost) Wordless Wednesday. I showed you some of their past costumes in this post, but it’s fun to see all the costumes from Halloweens past!

* 2005 *
baby snow white halloween costume baby sleeping beauty halloween costume baby woody halloween costume
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Woody. All costumes are from Build-A-Bear Workshop, including Snow White’s wig! (Yes, they were small enough to fit into bear costumes when they were babies!)

* 2006 *
baby triplets in the backseat
All three were spiders, with black knee-highs stuffed with cotton pinned to black onesies. Yeah, I was super tired that year! This is the only picture I got.

* 2007 *
animal halloween costumes from Old Navy
A Zebra, a Kangaroo (with a Joey in the pouch!), and a Pink Poodle! My sister-in-law got these cute costumes for them from Old Navy. They were nice and warm for trick-or-treating in Utah!

* 2008 *
Princesses and a Dinosaur halloween costume
Princesses and a Dinosaur. Boy really wanted to be a giraffe, but I couldn’t find yellow or brown sweats to make his costume anywhere! Luckily we were cruising the aisles at Joann’s a couple days before Halloween and he fell in love with this dinosaur costume. The kids still wear it around the house!!

* 2009 *
princess fairies Halloween costume
pirate trick-or-treating halloween costume
This year we had princess fairies and a pirate. This picture of M cracks me up! “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…”

* 2010 *
halloween costumes ladybug princess, snow white, radioactive spider
A Ladybug Princess, Snow White, and “The radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker and made him become Spiderman”. Ha ha!

* 2011 *
watermelon fairy halloween costume clown halloween costume pirates halloween costume
A Watermelon Fairy, a Clown, and a Pirate. I love how E’s watermelon leaf headband turned out!

* 2012 *
ladybug ballerina and doctor halloween costume  kid werewolf halloween costume
A Ladybug Ballerina, a Doctor, and a Werewolf. K originally wanted to be Ariel, but changed her mind at the last minute, thank goodness! She loves wearing Daddy’s old white coat and ID badge!

Oh, and I dressed up as Effie Trinket, or just a general Capitol resident. You like?

Effie Trinket Capitol resident Halloween costume
What are you guys doing for Halloween?
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  1. Everyone looks great... I can't imagine why you were tired that one year, lolol. :)

    Happy Halloween!!

  2. Thank goodness you are okay from the storm! Your triplets costumes over the years are cute! And Effie, what a clever costume! :)

  3. They fit into build a bear costumes, oh my goodness!

    You make a wonderful Effie.

  4. Love the costumes! How did you guys do in the storm?

  5. What a great idea on posting the evolution of the costumes as the kids got older. Nice blasts from the pasts. Your is fun. I need to get on it next year. This year we were rained in so no momma dress-up.

  6. Hi Jilly! Wanted to say thanks for linking up for WW last week. We lost power for three days including Halloween. But we still were able to trick-or-treat!

    Hope you had a great weekend :)


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