Monday, July 8, 2013

Tomato Can Turned Vintage Utensil Crock

Hi! It's Jilly. In the tiny kitchen in our apartment we don't have a lot of storage space. I was having a hard time fitting all my utensils in one drawer without having to fight the drawer every time. You know how it goes...the spatulas get stuck so you have to stick your fingers in there and try to push everything down just right to get the drawer to open!

I wanted a utensil crock, but all the ones I could find at the store were at least $15. But, I had a tomato can with this cool vintage label and thought it would be a really fun place to store my whisks, spatulas, and spoons!

Turn your old tin can into a utensil crock! | Hi! It's Jilly

I went over the label with a couple of smooth, thin coats of mod podge to give it a little extra protection, since it sits right next to the stove.

I love how it looks on my counter. I think it is so cute! For you East Coast folks, I got the can of tomatoes from Pricerite. All the labels on the Tuttorosso brand foods are vintagey looking. So fetch. Stop trying to make "fetch" happen! 

Tin Can Utensil Crock | Hi! It's Jilly

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