Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting my Groove...book. You can, too!!

Hi! It's Jilly. Last night I was excited to find this month's Groovebook in my mailbox!

Get a FREE Groovebook from Hi! It's Jilly. Use the code ROBERTSON26.

What is a Groovebook? Well, you upload 100 photos from your phone monthly using their handy app, then they send you a book of them! 

I first heard about Groovebook from Janel at Nellie Bellie, who I just love. Hers is one of my favorite blogs to read, and she's just a fun & spunky girl! 

I love Groovebook because I always forget to get my pictures printed, especially the ones off of my phone. This way I am guaranteed to have at least 100 of my pictures printed. They even send you a reminder e-mail so you don't forget! 

The Groovebook app is really easy to use, too. You just click the pictures you want to print and click upload. Super easy!

The pictures are perforated, so you can either leave them in the book or tear them out.

Annnnnd, Groovebooks are cheap! You only have to pay $2.99 for shipping! 

BUT, if you use my code ROBERTSON26 you can get one COMPLETELY FREE. Woot woot!!

Get Your Next Groovebook FREE from Hi! It's Jilly. Use the code ROBERTSON26.

So, make yourself a Groovebook and get those pics off of your phone!

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