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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Low Fat Latte Recipe & Coffee Station from Tammy at One More Time Events

Hi! It's Jilly! What's better on a cool, Fall day than a nice, hot drink?! I'm happy to have Tammy from One More Time Events here to share a Low Fat Latte recipe and her custom coffee station with you!

Hi, I am Tammy and I blog over at One More Time Events. I am very excited now that fall is on it's way!  I want to thank Hi It's Jilly for letting me come and share one of my favorite fall Lattes and some little tips on how I painted my signage with metallic paints for my Coffee Station 

Cafe is officially  "Open"  and the signage is up!

Today I want to share how I changed this sign from black and give it a more Faux Metal finish and share delicious Low Fat  Latte perfect drink for the Fall season!

By now you all know how much I love coffee and a coffee bar is a necessity in our home.

The other day when I was out with my daughter we stopped at a local thrift shop and I couldn't resist this sign "Cafe Latte"  It was only five bucks, but heck it was perfect for the the Coffee bar... all but one thing... it was black.  So the other thing you probably know about me is if it doesn't match "paint it!"

Which is exactly what I did.   I have been in a 'little bit' obsessed mode with Martha Stewart's Metallic paint lately and since I really wanted more of a metal look I chose to use it again.

First, I completely painted the signage with a base coat of Slate Grey form American acrylic paint. 
I wanted the sign to have the look of a faux metal and by using the metallic specialty finishes it would give me the look I was going for.

Because I wanted more of a coffee color I mixed the two speciality paint finishes Cast Bronze and Golden Pearl together.

Using a sponge brush I applied paint across the letters of the sign and then went back and used the cast bronze by working it in just enough to highlight it.


A little bit about the pieces on the coffee station:  The  Two Tiered Basket holds a variety of coffees which use to be used as a centerpiece on the table, the wooden Chalk board tray was found at Target on clearance, the syrups and pumps come from World Market, the wire baskets come from Walmart and the chalk board plant stakes were made from stickers found at World Market.   The Tea infusers  I already had.

Of course you can't have a coffee station without a Latte!

Here is one of my favorite latte recipes... of course they all are my favorites.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Coffee Latte recipe


2 TBSP (1oz) Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup (Sugar Free)

1 cup (8oz) Milk (I used 2% milk)

2 shots Strong Coffee (I used Starbucks coffee K cups)

Did I mention I love this single cup coffee maker?


Steam milk and the Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup together, Pour into your mug and add 1/2 a cup of strong coffee, top with whip topping

Serve and Enjoy!

By making this with 2% milk and Torani's Sugar Free Syrup and serving it in this mug I was able to enjoy 2 cups of this delicious drink...without all the calories! :)

Thank you so much Jilly for having me!

Thank you for being here, Tammy! I don't drink coffee myself, but I love hot chocolate, so I can appreciate your awesome coffee station. And, the sign turned out so cute!

You guys will have to try her recipe and let me know how delicious it is!

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