Thursday, September 12, 2013

No School For You!

Hi! It's Jilly. Remember how a couple weeks ago I was SO excited to be going back to school to finish my degree and went to class for a week?!

Well, it turns out I can't go this semester. Waaaaahhhhh! I was SO bummed about it and moped around the house for a few days.

Why can't I go this semester, you ask? Well, there were several problems. One, because I was a non-matriculated student I didn't qualify for any financial aid! They suggested taking out a loan, but my hubby just graduated from med school. We already have almost a quarter-million dollars in student loans. I don't want any more!

Another problem is that some of the classes I was planning on taking wouldn't transfer to my old school as upper division credit, so they would be pointless to take. Why does everything have to be so hard and complicated?! I just want to finish my degree!! I only need 9 stinkin' credits! That's less than one semester! Argh...

So, the new plan is to apply as a transfer student for Spring semester, and in the meantime figure out exactly what classes I can take that will transfer! Also, I need to get the kids on a good after-school schedule and myself on a good "while the kids are at school" schedule. That way things will run a little smoother next semester while I'm in school.

I *am* worried about putting it off until next semester, though. If I don't graduate by next summer my old school will have to change my catalog year, thus changing the requirements for my degree. That would make everything a lot more complicated! Plus, who KNOWS what will happen between now and January?! Oh, and did I mention my hubby will be gone TWO months during Spring semester?! Yikes!! Wish me luck, guys!!

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