Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You're Doing Great!

Hi! It's Jilly. I am surrounded by friends and family near and far who are amazing people. People full of love, faith, and strength. People who do more good in this world than they realize. People whose goodness and talent far outweigh their faults.

Yet, many people, myself included, feel bad about themselves. They are riddled with guilt about the things they aren't accomplishing, the ways they need to improve, and perceive their faults as mountains compared to their molehills of goodness.

Whenever someone apologizes to us for something small that they see as a failure or a shortcoming, we are quick to tell them, "No problem. You're fine! It's no big deal at all. Don't worry about it!". Why don't we extend the same courtesy to ourselves? Why do we beat ourselves up and call ourselves failures when our good qualities and accomplishments far outweigh our bad? Why do we wallow in a sea of self-doubt and feelings of incompetence when we are doing so many great things?

You didn't get all the laundry done today? No problem.

You didn't get dinner started on time? You're fine.

You forgot to sign your kid's homework folder...again? It's not a big deal at all.

You're still in your pajamas at noon? Don't worry about it.

You are okay. You are an amazing person with so much to offer the world! Don't let Satan try to tell you otherwise. He wants you to be miserable just like he is. You are doing a great job, even if you don't feel like it. Know that your Heavenly Father loves you and He doesn't care if your kid is wearing two different socks today, or if you have cereal for breakfast tonight because you're so tired. He loves you anyway and thinks you are doing great!

I had a different post planned for today, but I really felt like this one was important and that someone out there needed to read it. So, you'll have to wait another day to hear about our...exciting...Thanksgiving! 

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