Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finish This...

Hi! It's Jilly. Finals are next week!! Aah! So, this week's "Finish This" sentences are perfect for me!

I feel an adrenaline rush when... I go on amusement park rides, get 'in the groove' exercising, and do something musical!

I feel energized when... I talk with family and good friends. The warm weather helps, too!

I feel small when... I have had a bad day.

I feel big when... I realize my kids will be NINE years old this month! How in the world did they get so old?!

I feel stupid when... I don't manage my time wisely and things don't happen like they should. Also, when I do something socially awkward. And, when I try to help my kids with their homework!

I feel smart when... I am able to share my knowledge about something with others, and when I'm able to take a really great picture!

How would you finish these sentences?!

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