Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Five Awesome Grandparent Gift Ideas

Hi! It's Jilly. A couple months ago I was part of the Gift It! Series on my friend Kim's blog- Bugaboo, Mini, Mr, and Me. It's a great series that I love participating in!

Christmas is coming up soon. (I know...I said the "C" word before Halloween...) Sometimes it's hard to think of a good gift for the grandparents--sentimental, but something they'll actually like. Ha ha!
 I've compiled some ideas for you. You should be able to find something in this list that the grandparents on your list will go gaga for!

Personalized Stationery
There are many ways to go about making personalized stationery. You can upload a picture or scan of your child's artwork and make greeting cards (and lots of other things!) on websites like Artsonia or Vistaprint. Or, you can buy a set blank, pre-folded cards at the craft store and have your child design the front of all the cards, like my daughter did. My Mom loved it!

Photo Books
Ah, the good, 'ole photo book. Photo books of the grandkids make a great gift. A few years ago we made a photo book written like a storybook. It was all about our trip to Disneyland with Grandma and Grandpa. They loved the gift, and my kids love reading through the extra copy we made for ourselves. We've had success with books from Artscow and Shutterfly.

Personalized Jewelry
Get a necklace or keychain with their grandkids' names on it. They are always a great conversation piece, and then Grandma and Grandpa can remember their grandkids whenever the wear it or use it! Here are some of my favorites:
United States Piece of My Heart Necklace by JC Memories
Perfect Gift For Grandfather for Fathers Day - Personalized Hand Stamped Key Chain By Hannah Design
Personalized Hand Stamped Key Chain by Hannah Design
My greatest blessings call me grandma -- Personalized Grandmother Mother or Great Grandmother Necklace
Personalized Grandmother Necklace from Southern Charm JS

Picture Frames
There are lots of great "grandparent" picture frame options out there. Or, just a simple frame with a picture of the kids in it is great, too. One year for Christmas my hubby's siblings gave my in-laws an updated 8x10 family picture and my sister-in-law got matching frames for all the pictures and hung them in their hallway. It was a nice way to have the pictures displayed, and it will be easy to switch out the pictures in the future.

If you live close to the grandparents, you could give them coupons for the grandkids to go on a special "date" with grandma or grandpa. It could be a trip to the zoo, or something as simple as getting ice cream together. Kids love to spend one-on-one time with their parents AND grandparents!

I hope some of these ideas got your wheels turnin' and you will be able to find the perfect gift for your, and your kids', grandparents!

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