Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homemade Easter? I Tried...

Hi! It's Jilly. Every time a holiday is coming up, I get these wild ideas that I am going to sew dresses for the girls. And, every time I don't make anything. This year I gave up the idea of making the girls Easter dresses. Things have been too busy lately.

But, I wanted them to have SOMETHING to wear for Easter, so I decided to make flower clips for their hair.

1. Take two fake Gerber daisies and rip them off of their stems. Remove the center part, and detach all the petals from each other.
2. Layer the petals, alternating between the two colors. I used a pink one and a white one.
3. Apply some hot glue in between each layer to help it stay together.
4. Glue a big button or rhinestone thing to the center of the flower.
5. Dig through your "stash" to find some ribbon or fabric to place between the back of the flower and the alligator clip. Be sure it's at least 11 o'clock at night and you are not in your right mind. This helps you choose the weirdest fabric available, like something white with pink swirls on it.

6. Glue a piece of fabric or ribbon to the back of the flower. Then sandwich the clip between that fabric piece and another fabric piece of the same size. Glue in place. Don't forget to burn yourself at least twice and stifle your screams of pain because the rest of the house is asleep.

All done!

After I made the girls flowers I felt bad that Boy C didn't have anything new to wear for Easter, so I decided to make him a little bowtie. What was I thinking?!? It was already way past midnight at this point. So, after a few attempts I finally made something that looked remotely bowtie-ish. I used elastic from Girl B's Halloween costume last year for the part that goes around his neck. I figured it should fit.


Easter morning was...less than ideal, you might say. Here's a breakdown.
a) The girls' skirts that I bought on clearance at Wal-Mart Friday night and put in their Easter baskets did not fit. WAY too short to be church appropriate.
b) Boy C's bowtie, that I stayed up until TWO AM making, didn't fit around his neck! I didn't think about the fact that it would be going under his collar, not around his actual neck. Oops.
c) I had to iron the girls Easter dresses from last year for them to wear. Strike that...I TRIED to iron the stinkin' dresses, but was having no luck, so my hubby had to iron them. Me=lame housewife.
d) I was supposed to be there half an hour early for choir practice, but we didn't get there until after church started.

So, uhm, was awesome. I was in the BEST mood when we finally got to church. ;)

Oh! Oh! One more thing. Girl B noticed that the fabric on the back of the flowers was from my stash! She said something, like, "The Easter bunny made these hair bows and used some of your fabric, Mom!" Yeah, that's it. He totally did that. ;)

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