Monday, April 16, 2012

Clothesline Photo Display

Hi! It's Jilly. At Christmas-time I strung some jute up in front of the niche in my kitchen slash living room to display my very thrown together advent calendar, which was just different activities written on pieces of red and green scrapbook paper. After Christmas I was too lazy was busy with other things and didn't take down the jute.

Then, Girl A was Star Student of the week and needed to take 10 photos to school. So, I dug out my printed pictures and found some she could use. While sitting at the table I glanced up at my sad-looking piece of jute and clothespins.

Then, I had an idea! Why don't I pin some of my pictures to the "clothesline"?! Instant photo display, and oh so cute! Plus, it is super duper easy to switch out the pictures. No frames to mess with!

Here is the {ridiculously easy} tutorial.
1. Use push pins to attach a piece of jute along the wall or across an opening, like a doorway or art niche. Jute is fairly inexpensive. I got this whole roll of it at Joann's forever ago and have used it for lots of projects.

2. Hang photos, momentos, quotes, or anything else you like, on the jute with clothespins.

3. Easy peasy!

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  1. What a cute idea! Thanks for linking up to Mauvin' Monday!

  2. I've also seen this as a good way to display children's artwork, which is constantly rotating.

  3. This is a lovely way to display photos - so easy to change them too.

  4. I currently have my own photo line strung across my entire front room! Mine is pretty ghetto; I used string as my line and my pictures are held up with paper clips! But hey-- I'm showing off pictures of my adorable kids so that de-ghettos it, right? : )

    1. TOTALLY de-ghettos it! With pictures of your cute kids up there, who's looking at the string? ;)

  5. I love this idea ... so much, that you are a party fave this week at the {what's shakin' link party}! Stop by, link up and grab a featured button!

  6. Cute idea! What a neat idea to use for a party, graduation celebration, anniversary etc... Thanks for linking it up to my Organizing & DIY link party. I'm going to feature this on my link party tomorrow!

  7. This is cute! I have someting like this and I hang me children's artwork on it! I am your newest follower over from the blog hop! I hope you gain lots of followers today and make it to 100. :) Have a great weekend.


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