Friday, April 13, 2012

Lunch in a Bag

At our house (well, in the car) we have what is known as {'lunch in a bag'}. Sometimes we'll have somewhere we need to be that falls right in the middle of lunch time. Introduce-- lunch in a bag.

For some reason this has become  a novelty, and something they get excited about and request. All I do is make a half-fold PB & J and put it in a little lunch baggie, along with a stick of string cheese, some crackers and fruit (if I have a less messy variety like apple slices or grapes). I think they like it because they each get their own individual little bags. At least, that'smy best guess. All I know is it gets food in their bellies and they like it. Works for me.


  1. I do these too and Oaks is always digging into them before we've left our street. I'm puzzled by the novelty of it too! I like how you have everything open already in the bag, so all they have to do is eat without handing it all up to you while you're trying to drive and open packages. Anyway, you're awesome!

    1. Yeah, it's nice to have everything open and not have to open packages while driving. I even open the string cheese and leave it in the wrapper.


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