Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

Hi! It's Jilly. The first weekend of co-hosting the Weekend Blog Walk was so fun! I got SO many great comments and there were links to SO many great sites! I still need to respond to more comments and visit more blogs. I'll get there, I promise!

This morning I just thought I'd share a few random things that have happened lately, or things I've been thinking about.
  • A few minutes ago Girl B was in the bathroom singing "Part of Your World" at the top of her lungs. I especially love the songs she makes up. They are hilarious.
  • Things not hilarious? Kids with bad attitudes. Is it just my house, or have your kids been fighting like crazy lately?! It must be cabin fever.
  • Whenever I hear the words "cabin fever" it makes me think of Muppet Treasure Island. "I've got it toooo!!"

  • Right now I am car-less, which has been frustrating. My hubby's car registration expired right before we moved from Arizona and we haven't been able to get his car registered in NY. Why? Well, to register the car we have to have a special insurance ID card proving we have NY auto insurance...which I can't get until I switch over my auto insurance...which I can't do until I know what's covered by our new health insurance...which we haven't signed up for yet, because we don't know if we need to add the kids onto our plan or if they'll qualify for the reduced rate Child Health Plus through the state. I feel like I'm training to be a tiger in the circus! "You want me to jump through ANOTHER hoop?!" 
  • Being car-less hasn't been all bad, though. It has forced me to explore our new town on bike if I want to take the kids to the park. 

  • Oh! At the park last week I saw a guy there smoking a joint!! At the park!! I must live a sheltered life, 'cause I'd never seen that 'in real life' before. I smelled it first, then turned around and there he was! "Okay, kids...time to go home now."
  • I have some awesome new friends who have given us rides places, like church yesterday, the splash park, and raspberry picking a couple weeks ago.  

  • My phone bit the dust, so now I have to find a new-to-me, aka used, phone to tide me over until the iPhone 5 comes out. Eeeee!! I've never had a smartphone before, so I'm super duper excited!! But, until I get the replacement phone I can only send SMS messages through my Gmail account. Rawr. 
  • I neeeed to get off the computer and work on getting our "storage room" organized. Aye yie yie!

What's been going on in your neck of the woods lately?


  1. Your month sounds like mine, one thing after another. My phone died and I was without one for a week, torture but I got the Iphone 4 and I LOVE IT! Will for sure be worth the wait

    1. You don't realize how much you rely on having a phone until you don't have one! Glad to hear the iPhone's worth the wait. I'm excited to join the 21st century. Ha ha!

  2. I too think that the IPhone is worth the wait! Beautiful family! When my daughter signs "part of your world" it always cracks me up! Found you via the blog hop..would love a follow back!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, hearing my kids sing always cracks me up. But, then they get mad when I start to chuckle! Thanks for stopping by. I'll have to check out your blog! :)


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