Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekend Blog Walk- I'm a Co-Host!!

Hi! It's Jilly. I am THRILLED to announce that I have been chosen to be a co-host of the Weekend Blog Walk!! I think it's going to be great fun, and I'm SO excited to be a part of it! You guys already know me (if not, go here for a quick run-down), but let's introduce you to my fellow co-hosts.

Call Her Happy

Meet Jenna from Call Her Happy

Jenna currently resides in Minnesota, but is from Michigan.  Jenn is married to Mike and is closing in on two years of marriage.  Their daughter Ellen will be the big 1 on in just a couple days!! Happy birthday Ellen!!  Before staying at home with Ellen, Jenna was an English school teacher in Michigan.  Now she is a stay-at-home mom and freelances. She loves the global relationships blogging has brought to her life, because as we all know being a stay-at-home mom can be a lonely lot in life if you let it be.  Jenna also says she is so grateful for all of her readers and their comments.  She also blogs at CatholicMom. Check out these blog posts:  Exciting Stuff from Catholic Mom, Things You Might Not Know About Me, My Day in Autotune.  Come over and say hello, and call yourself happy too!

Hayley's World
Meet Hayley from Hayley's World

Hayley currently resides in Alaska.  She is  a military wife to her hubs for 9.5 years (together for 11.5) and momma to R, 7 and E, almost 3. Her husband has been in the Army for almost 15 years and they've been stationed in NC, TX, GA and now AK (that's Alaska, not Arkansas). They enjoy spending time together as a family, whether it be squishing in on a Saturday morning or camping in the woods for a weekend.  Hayley blogged last year but said she got caught up with the numbers and not why she started to blog, which is to not only keep track of the life and adventures of her family, but to meet other awesome ladies. She feels lucky to not only get to meet lots of people  being a military family and moving so much (and others moving in and out too) but also get to 'meet' lots of ladies via blogging'.  She also loves photography and used to have a business.  Check out these posts of Hayley's: Me Myself I and My Week Via Gram

Meet Jessica from @ Home Take 2

Jessica lives in Wisconsin. She has been married for 13 years to her hubby, who is an Entomologist and Training Director for a local pest control company.  He is also in the Air National Guard and former Active Duty Air Force.  She has two creative, athletic and silly kids.  Utah is 12 and goes by his middle name, which is a State.  He decided to go by that when he was going into the first grade and was tired of being one of four kids with the same name in his grade.  Now his name is as unique as he is!  Ciera is 9 for just a little bit longer and is so NOT a girly girl.  Although if you see her collection of Beiber and Taylor Lautner posters, you sure wouldn't believe it. LOL.  So... that's the family. 

Come join in the fun for Weekend Blog Walk.  

Rules for the Weekend Blog Walk are simple:
1)  Follow your Co-Hosts (1-4 on the Linky) via GFC, Facebook, Twitter or Email, and please leave a comment on their blog if you are a new follower.  We love to see who is checking out our blogs and to check out as many of your blogs as possible, as time permits. 
2) Please check back next week to see if you are a Featured Blogger.  This week's Featured Bloggers are: The Thriftiness Miss and Musings of an im-Perfect Mom. Check them out!
3) Not required, but it would be great if you would blog, tweet or post on Facebook

Have fun, and I hope you find some fabulous new blogs to read!  Link up below to Weekend Blog Walk... and enjoy a wonderful weekend!


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  2. Thanks for co-hosting! I'm a brand new follower!

  3. Hi, I'm Shar!
    Your newest follower! Thanks for co-hosting! :)

    xoxo ♥ -Shar

  4. congrats on being a co-host! i hope you get a lot more loyal followers and meet new blogging friends!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Hi Jill! It's great to be co-hosting with you :)


  6. Congrats on co-hosting. New follower from the hop. Hope to get a follow back!

  7. Stopping by from Week-end blog hop and following. It's nice to meet you
    Granny's Down Home Southern Cooking

  8. Thanks for co-hosting! I am following up. Come visit!

  9. I am a new follower joining via weekend blog walk & @ Home Take 2!

  10. Hi, I am following you via twitter. Congrats on co-hosting:)

    1. Thanks...except I don't have Twitter. Ha ha! I think I need to get on the Twitter bandwagon! ;)

  11. Congratulations Jilly! I now follow via GFC, you can find me here: Have a great weekend!

  12. new blog follower from the blog hop


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