Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School- T Minus One Week!!

Hi! It’s Jilly. School starts ONE WEEK from today! Woooooo hoooo!! The kids are getting pretty excited about it. But, no one is more excited than this gal right here.


The kids have been driving me absolutely CRAZY lately! School starts a MONTH later here than it does in Arizona, where we just moved from. So, not only are the kids trying to adjust to a totally new environment, but they also haven’t started back to school when they are used to! This results in a heightened amount of fighting, tattle tale-ing, chasing, hitting, and crying! Aye yie yie!!

one frustrated mama{picture taken while trying to get the kids to take that other picture of me, and they kept fussing & fighting} 

I feel like John Lovitz is talking about me, although I don’t think ANYONE is reaping any benefits!

Last week I was having a really rough day and I texted my husband out of frustration. He was able to drop by during his lunch break to give me a hug and talk for a minute. When he had to leave and go back to work I felt like this:

(the stepmother in the movie Ever After  crying "You can not leave me here!!" when Gustov dies)
SO, although I love my kids dearly, and will definitely have moments I miss them and worry about them while they're at school, you better BELIEVE I will be singing this tune next Thursday!

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  1. Girl, I have an annual PAR-TAY for myself, by myself on the first day of school. It's a sacred holiday at my house.

  2. LOL! Idk what I'll do when my little ones start school... probably cry. LOL

    Loved this post! Hilarious!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  3. Love it! :) We start next week too and I am SO ready. ;)

  4. You a so funny! Logan started school in JULY!!! At first I was super bummed until we came home that first day from dropping him off and my house was so peaceful and quiet...heaven! Good luck with school! Hope you guys are doing well!

  5. Finally, someone who's on the same wavelength! Most moms I know are in denial that school starts on Tuesday here, but me, I'm counting down the hours! The Boy is ready and SO is his momma!

  6. Bless you for raising triplet boys. The amount of patience you must have is unimaginable to me. Kudos, Mom!

    I am your newest follower from the Weekend Blog Walk. :)

  7. Oh year, that's definitely an extra long summer break that you got because of moving. I can see how you would be eager for the school year to start!


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