Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Got an iPhone 5, and “iExcited”!!

Hi! It’s Jilly. On Saturday I got the iPhone 5. Guys…I am SOOOOO excited!! It is my first. smartphone. EVER! What a way to start out, huh?! There are so many things to learn about iPhones! Aah! I hope I can keep up!

Jilly with iPhone 5

When my husband handed me the box I was grinning from ear to ear. If we hadn’t been in the middle of the Verizon store I probably would have looked more like the beginning of this video:

Because I am SO excited, I thought it would be fun to do a week-long series all about smartphones! I’m calling it the “iExcited” series. Clever, eh? Ok, maybe not very clever. But, I thought it was kinda cute.

ANYways…because it is my first iPhone, my hubby and I were debating whether to get the 4 or 4S for me (since it would be free for the 4 and $99 for the 4S), or to bite the bullet and get the 5.

Here is the link to a spec sheet comparing them, in case you are trying to decide whether or not to upgrade.

But, this is all you really need to know about whether you need to get the iPhone 5 or not. More cat! Lol!

Join us tomorrow for a guest post from Esther at Esther Norine Designs-- Ode to iPhone.
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  1. So exciting!!! I can't wait to get mine! Glad you're so excited. You made a great choice to go with the 5 as your very first smart phone. totally_rachel

  2. I got mine too - in white also!! Looking forward to your review this week.

  3. I'm getting one soon - also my first smart phone! I can't wait till it comes!


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