Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ode to iPhone- Guest Post from Esther at Esther Norine Designs

Hi! It's Jilly. Our iExcited week continues with this awesome poem from Esther at Esther Norine Designs!

Here's her Ode to iPhone.

Ode to iPhone.
Your usefulness knows no bounds.
You take care of all my tunes.
Your apps number in the millions and I love all of the ones I have and have yet to discover.
My email at my fingertips and Facebook a tap away.
Losing you would be a tragedy.
I won't let that happen...again.
Dear sweet iPhone, your home is in my purse or hand. Never recklessly put on a table. Dear sweet iPhone, please work tirelessly forever for me.
Ode to iPhone.

Ha ha! Isn't that clever! I love it!

Be sure to come back tomorrow when I talk about apps "iExcited" to use with my new smartphone! You might find one among them to love!


  1. I'm posting this awesome comment with my trusty iPhone, in my hand, not lost. I thought that was a beautiful poem. I might just post that in my blog too. Thanks for letting me share in the iExcited series! Can't wait for more!

  2. My oldest three (the youngest is too young to care yet) love the iPhone. :)


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