Thursday, February 21, 2013

The "CTW" Jar of Consequences

Hi! It's Jilly. Lately the kids have been a leeeeetle crazy, to say the least. Seems like I'm always telling them to go to time out. Maybe it's a 7 year-old thing. I dunno. It's driving me a little nuts, though.

I saw this cute "Uh Oh" jar floating around Pinterest and I thought it was a great idea. Basically, you fill the jar with slips of paper with different consequences on them, and when the kid gets in trouble they have to pull out a slip and do whatever it says.

The CTW Jar from Hi! It's Jilly

I had the kids help me come up with a name for our jar. We decided on the "CTW" jar. CTW?! What does that mean?! Well, we are Mormon and a popular saying in our church is "Choose The Right", or "CTR". The kids get little rings in Primary (the children's program) with CTR on them to help them remember to make good choices. It's kinda like "WWJD".

Colored CTR shield

So, that's why the kids chose "CTW" for the jar, because they have to pick out a slip when they are making a wrong choice...CTW. Get it? Ha ha!

I have all kinds of things in the jar. Wash a door. Do 15 jumping jacks. Sit in the corner for 7 minutes. Pick up 10 pieces of garbage. Mop the floor in the hallway. Lay on your bed and breathe deeply for 3 minutes.

The possibilities are endless. Use your imaginations!

Here's Michael performing one of the tasks after whining about doing his homework. He had to write "Kindness begins with me." 5 times.

Hi! It's Jilly. Doing a consequence from the CTW jar.

I'm hoping this jar helps curb some of the craziness. We'll see. Hopefully it will help you guys out!

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  1. What a great idea! My kids have been going crazy too. What's the deal?! My 7 year old has been whining about his homework too lately. They have really been piling it on this week. Way too much for a 7 year old (and their mother's)! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Great idea!! I love that your kiddos came up with the consequences. Now they can't complain about what they have to it!! :)

  3. Great idea. Stuff like that can really help a lot. And then you're not the bad guy - it's the slip of paper.

    1. Yes, I'd much rather have a slip of paper play "Bad Cop". Ha ha!

  4. Definitely a great idea. I have a 5 and 3 yr old and I'm about tired of time out. Think we're gonna get creative.

    1. I was getting tired of time-out, too. That's why I thought I'd try this puppy out. So far, so good! :)

  5. Great idea - it is a 7 year old thing they're testing their limits. I have 5 kids 3 are past that age, the fact the you're still sane doing it at once for 3 you're amazing :)

  6. Thanks for this idea! I have a 2-year-old and 6-year-old, so it's hard to have the same jar for both, but I could start it with my older one. Right now no TV and time out are about his only consequences, which get really old! This would work for when we are out too because he could just have to pick a slip out of the jar when we got home.

    I found you on "My Turn for Us" tonight and am glad I did :)

    1. Ooh, yeah! Having it be an option for when you get home is great. I hadn't thought of that!

      I'm glad you stopped by & left a comment! :)


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