Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Letters: Dear Library, Makers of Hi Ho Cherry O, and Kids

Hi! It's Jilly. I love these Friday's letters. It's a fun way to think about what happened this last week. So, without further adieu...

Hi! It's Jilly: Friday's Letters

Dear Yes! Safe Choices for Kids,
Thanks for the free baseball game tickets. That was pretty cool of you guys. Too bad it was soooo stinkin' hot outside! We ended up leaving halfway through the 5th inning. But, we stopped at Burger King for ice cream cones on the way home, so it's all good.

Dear Library,
Thank you for the fun Explorer's Club program. They had a great time writing their names in hieroglyphics, playing senet, and getting wrapped like mummies. The kids are SO excited about Ancient Eqypt now, and won't stop talking about it! They can't wait to learn about 'asian' Greece next week!

Dear Makers of Hi Ho Cherry O,
If your game is intended for little kids, WHY are the pieces so dang small?! Seriously? Those little cherries are so tiny. Talk about a pain to keep track of! And, what about a choking hazard?! I may or may not have swept up and thrown away a couple pieces of fruit. Oh, well. Too bad.

Dear Kids,
You are silly. It's fun to hear you laughing and playing together. You guys like to take off with my phone and take a bunch of crazy pictures. I hope and pray to be more patient with you and remember the fun little people you are...and not let myself get too frustrated with your eight-year-old sibling squabbling!

Hi! It's Jilly: Friday's Letters


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