Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Feelin' Great in Eight, Part Deux

Hi! It's Jilly. On Monday I started a new round of the "Feelin' Great in Eight" challenge. It is an eight-week health and fitness challenge I'm doing with some of the gals from one of the mothers of multiples groups I belong to. During the last challenge I lost a total of 13 pounds and 16.5 inches all over my body! It's amazing to me the difference losing that much weight makes! I feel better in my clothes and much healthier.

Here are a couple of side-by-side shots to see the difference. (You're not getting a peek at the ones taken in just a sports bra and swimsuit bottom. No way, Jose!)

Feelin' Great in Eight Challenge Before & After | Hi! It's Jilly

Feelin' Great in Eight Challenge Before & After | Hi! It's Jilly

There was a two-week break between the end of the last challenge and the start of this new one, so I fell into some bad habits again. No exercising. Eating all the junk in sight. It was not pretty, folks. I ended up gaining back over THREE pounds in just those two weeks. Eek! So, I'm definitely glad to start a new round.

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do another round because I got SO burned out during the last couple weeks of the last round. Sad to say, I just didn't care anymore. I was tired of keeping track of everything and not being able to eat "what I wanted". But, now I realize that for my health I need to watch what I eat and exercise every day. I might not always want to do it, but I need to.

Man, being a responsible adult sucks sometimes. Ha ha!

I think the hardest part of this round will be getting in my exercise every day. With the kids out of school it's hard finding a good time to do it. I either have to a) get up and exercise before the kids wake up in the morning (NOT gonna happen. I already have a hard time getting up within half an hour of when they get up) b) take them to the YMCA so they can play in the gameroom while I workout (which can be a pain in the b.u.t.t) or c) workout after they go to bed (and all you mamas know how hard that is! After the kids go to bed I just want to veg!).

On the track | Hi! It's Jilly
Hitting the track during the kids' swim lessons. It was toasty out there!!

Another option could be working out with the kids. We have several workout and dance games on the Wii. Hmmm. That might not be a terrible option.

How do you guys get in your exercise every day?

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