Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Always" Embroidery Project- Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Hi! It's Jilly. My bloggy friend Jenna at Call Her Happy has been posting pics on Instagram of all her darling embroidery projects lately, and it inspired me to pick up the needle again! I haven't embroidered anything in ages! I'm not very good, mind you, but it's nice to make something once in a while.

I wanted to add something to my Valentine's Day decor, and the wheels started turning! Since I'm such a big HP geek (and my kids are, too), I thought the word "always" would be a nice little thing to stitch. (If you don't know why "always" is important in Harry Potter, watch this clip.) Plus, Hubby and I like to watch Once Upon a Time together, and in that show Prince Charming and Snow White say to each other "I will always find you". I think it is so sweet! Any other OUAT fans out there?! Can I get a "Woot!"?!

"Always" embroidery project. Easy, and perfect for Valentine's! #embroidery #valentines #decor #harrypotter #ouat

To make this, all I did was use a pencil to write "always" in cursive on my fabric, then added a few little hearts for good measure. Then I...embroidered it. (Amazing, I know. I told you I wasn't a pro!)

If you're not comfortable doing it freehand, you can always find a font you like, type up your design in Word, flip it so you have a mirror image, print it out, then transfer your pattern to your fabric. I'm not that patient, though. ;)
"Always" embroidery project. Easy, and perfect for Valentine's! #embroidery #valentines #decor #harrypotter #ouat

If you have NO idea where to start in the word of embroidery, Jenna has a vlog about beginning embroidery on her blog, as well as a tutorial about how to transfer a pattern. Lots of great information to be found in both posts!

I love how my little project turned out, and now my kids are obsessed with embroidery! I think it's a good project for kids, though. It doesn't cost much, and it increases eye-hand coordination and focus.

"Always" embroidery project. Easy, and perfect for Valentine's! #embroidery #valentines #decor #harrypotter #ouat

What projects have you been working on lately? If you have a post about it, feel free to link up with our Take it on Tuesday!

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