Thursday, January 9, 2014

Going to Hogwarts

Hi! It's Jilly. A couple months ago Polly at Pieces by Polly sent me an adorable Hedwig necklace from her Etsy shop. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so I love it. She also sent a Hogwarts acceptance letter for each of the kids. I'd planned to put the letters in their stockings, but on Christmas Eve we decided it would be more fun to put them in the mailbox instead.

After Christmas we were so busy getting ready to leave for our trip that I kind of forgot about the letters. When we got back I remembered the letters were in the mailbox, so I sent Katelynn down to get the mail. She burst into the apartment SO excited and told Emma and Michael that they'd gotten letters, too. They started going on and on about how they've been accepted to Hogwarts and they can't wait to go.

It was so fun to see their excitement. I thought they'd like the letters, but had no idea how excited they would be. Michael insisted that we go to the store right away to buy as much as we can here from their school list. He said, "Where are we going to get the rest of the stuff on this list?". Katelynn and Emma chimed in, "Diagon Alley, of course!". Ha ha!

BUT, now it's getting out of hand! It's been over a week and they are still convinced that they are, in fact, leaving for Hogwarts the end of August!

They keep asking me all these questions about Hogwarts, and promise to write letters everyday, telling me about what is happening there and what it's like, since I can't go there because I'm a "Muggle".

They want to watch the movies almost non-stop.

They want to know if they're the first wizards in our family, and if they'll be allowed to do magic at home if they marry a Muggle.

They tell me that they will learn cleaning spells at Hogwarts so they can help me out around the house. (Ok, that wouldn't be so bad...)

They carry their letters everywhere with them, and had to show everyone at church and their teacher at school the letters.

They keep asking me to find McGonnagal's address so they can send in a letter accepting their spot at Hogwarts. Katelynn wants to write McGonnagal a thank you card, thanking her for the chance to go to there. (I'm, like, "You need to write thank you letters to your grandparents for your Christmas presents first!")

They are discussing the pros and cons of taking an owl versus cat, and wonder where they can keep their pets until they leave for Hogwarts, since we're not allowed to have pets in our apartment.

At school yesterday they were doing some worksheet in class, and I guess their teacher told them that it was fourth grade work to prepare them for next year. Either Katelynn or Michael said, "Well, we're not going to be in fourth grade because we'll be at Hogwarts next year." (I'm not sure exactly what happened. I haven't gotten the full story from their teacher...yet. I'm sure I'll be getting a call from her very soon.)

Guys...this is crazy, right?! I'm glad that my kids haven't "lost the magic" yet, but this is getting a bit ridiculous! I'll tell them little things here and there to help them realize it's not true, but not burst their bubble all at once. I'll say things like, "Well, Harry didn't start at Hogwarts till he was eleven. Are you guys eleven yet?" or "I don't think you can write Dumbledore a letter asking for permission for us to visit you at school because Snape killed Dumbledore, remember?"

I am a huge HP fan, HUGE, and I'm...dare I say it...getting tired of it!! Gasp! If you know me "in real life" then you will know how crazy this is getting if I'M saying that! I just don't know what to do! Scott just thinks it's funny, but I'm getting worried. They're going to be in their 40s, laying on the couch in a therapist's office talking about how they didn't get to go to Hogwarts because of their Muggle parents. Sigh.

What would you do in this situation?! Have you ever dealt with anything like this with your kids? Help a momma out here!

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