Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pennant Banner Cards Using Scraps

Hi! It's Jilly. Need a cute handmade card that's fast, easy, and doesn't break the bank? Then you'll love these fun cards!

Love these "vintage" pennant banner handmade cards! So cute and easy to make! #cards #papercrafting #crafts #pennantbanner

I'm in charge of Activity Days at church (midweek activities for 8-11 year olds). I needed a cute craft that would be easy for the girls to make, yet still use some of their own creativity. After eyeing my box of scraps I came up with these handmade pennant banner cards.

We made two different cards: "Happy Birthday" and "Thanks". They are reaaaaally easy to make and I love how each one is a little bit different, yet still "stylish".

8x11 white or cream cardstock, or blank white cards
scrapbook paper scraps - non 'matching' colors are ok!
baker's twine, yarn, or jute
a pen, or stamps & an ink pad

These vintage pennant banner handmade cards are so cute and so easy to make! Use up those scraps! #cards #papercrafting #pennantbanner

How to:

1) Make your card base by cutting the cardstock in half lengthwise, creating two 5 1/2" X 8" pieces. Fold in half to make a card. (You can skip this step if you started with premade blank cards)

2) Cut 6-9 small triangles out of various scrap pieces of scrapbook paper. You need enough triangles to fit across the longest part of the card comfortably to create your pennant banner.

3) Once you have them arranged the way you like them, clue your triangles onto the card to make the pennant banner.

4) Cut a length of twine, yarn, or jute to place along the top of your banner. If using jute or thick yarn, you may want to split the 'hairs' apart a little so it's not as heavy.

5) Glue your twine, etc along the top of the triangles. Cut off any excess twine hanging off the sides of the card. Staple the twine onto the card on each end. Be sure you don't staple your card shut! (This step is optional, but it helps the twine stay on the card and is a fun little touch.)

6) On the bottom of the card write or stamp your sentiment. I like how both options look!

7) Voila! Your card is ready to be enjoyed by your lucky recipient!

Vintage Pennant Banner Handmade Cards. Use up those scraps!

I love how these cards turned out! They have kind of a "vintage" vibe to them. And, did I mention they're easy?! All my Activity Days girls loved making them, and it was fun to see their creativity. Some stuck with an alternating pattern on the banner, and others mixed and matched. It was a fun activity!

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