Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Harry Potter Hogwarts Birthday Invitations

Hi! It's Jilly. My babies will be nine tomorrow. NINE!! As you know, they loooove Harry Potter, so of course we have to do a Harry Potter birthday party. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Party Invitations! #harrypotter #hp #hogwarts #party

I'm doing a whole "attend Hogwarts" thing, so I needed to come up with the perfect invitations. I was inspired by Pieces by Polly's Printable Hogwarts Acceptance Letters, but I put my own spin on them. It says: 

Dear _______,

In celebration of your friend *child’s name*’s  birthday, you are invited to attend a day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on *party date* from *party time*. You will first gather your supplies in Diagon Alley via the *where the party is (Jones Home, etc)* entrance at *address* . You will then take the Hogwarts Express to the school, where you will be sorted into your House, attend classes, and enjoy refreshments made by our House Elves.

Please reply by *RSVP date* so we can finalize your class schedule. Wizard Robes or Muggle attire is acceptable. We look forward to your owl!

*party thrower’s name* 
Headmistress (or Headminister) of Hogwarts Muggle Relations 
*phone number* (call or text) 

I really like how the invitations turned out. All I did was type my letter using Viners Hand ITC font (suggested by Polly), printed them out on normal copy paper, then inked the edges. You could print them out on cream colored paper to make them look more "parchment-y", but I needed to get them sent and was running out of time!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Party Invitations! #harrypotter #hp #hogwarts #party

If you would like a copy of the invitation, you can either email me for the Word file, or you can use the Harry Potter Party Invitation on Google Drive. The one on Google Drive isn't the exact same font, but it is very Wizard-like. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the party prep! It's going to be epic! (At least, I hope so. Ha ha!) 

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