Saturday, September 27, 2014

Car Care When You Live in an Apartment

I was given products from The Cequent Store to review, but all opinions are 100% my own.
Hi! It's Jilly. Right now we live in an apartment. It is convenient to Hubby's work, but not convenient in other ways, like when you want to clean out your car. So, I've come up with a few ways to make cleaning our car a little easier.
Car Care Tips When You Live in an Apartment #carcare #washdrops #carwash #client

Two Bags
When heading out to clean out your car, take two bags with you- one for garbage and one for stuff that belongs in your apartment.
Car Care Tips When You Live in an Apartment #car #washdrops #carwash #client

Whisk Broom
After you have all the junk out of your car, sweep out the car with a little handheld broom.
Car Care Tips When You Live In An Apartment #car #washdrops #client

I know for us, dragging a vacuum and extension cord out to the parking lot is a huge pain. The broom works great and is a lot easier!
Car Car Tips when you live in an apartment. #car #washdrops #client

At our apartment building we don't have access to a faucet and hose outside. Washdrops Premium Car Wash is the perfect solution to this problem. You just wash the car, then dry it off with a microfiber towel- no rinsing!
Car Care Tips When You Live In An Apartment #car #washdrops #client

Way more economical, too. You only use 1 oz of Washdrops solution in one gallon of water! And, you can use Washdrops on all your car surfaces--body, windows, wheels, mirrors, and interior. Love it!
Car Care Tips When You Live in an Apartment #car #washdrops #client

I was happy with how well it worked on the inside of my van. Kids + Van= Nastiness. But, it cleaned right up!
Car Care Tips When You Live In An Apartment #carcare #washdrops #client

They have a whole Washdrops Premium Car Wash Set, which comes with a big microfiber towel, 2 little detailing microfiber towels, an awesome brush for scrubbing the wheels and other difficult spots (like the license plates), and a fun scrubbing sponge. My kids were fighting over all the tools. Ha ha!
Washdrops® Premium Car Wash Kit
Wanna try it? Use the coupon code FansSaveNow for $2 off at the Cequent Store!

Or, you can use that coupon code to scoop up some AutoTex wiper blades. A portion of the sales support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They are available with a Black or Pink color metal frame with PINK Ribbon detail, Pink color or Black FLEX blades with pink ribbon detail & Black Rear blade. Fun, huh?
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What are your favorite car care tips? Have you ever tried Washdrops?

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