Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY Harry Potter-ish Magic Wands

Hi! It's Jilly. My kids love Harry Potter. They love to read the books and watch the movies, and even had a Harry Potter birthday party this year. So, it was no surprise when they announced that this year's Halloween costume theme would be...Harry Potter. #shocked

For their birthday party I made wands for all the kids to take home, but I never got around to posting the tutorial for the wands! I know, I know...bad blogger. So, since Halloween is coming up and I will have a little Draco, Luna, and Hermione running around, I figured now was a great time to post the wand tutorial. 

The wands are super easy to make and look so awesome! Seriously.
DIY Harry Potter-ish Magic Wand Tutorial! These wands are soooo awesome and super easy to make! #harrypotter #tutorial #wand

Hot glue
Brown spray paint

1) Using a hot glue gun, add lines and dots of hot glue to the chopsticks in whatever design you like. 
DIY Harry Potter-ish Magic Wands Tutorial!! They look soooo awesome and are super easy to make! #harrypotter #tutorial #wand
Be careful not to burn your fingers! I hear these things are pretty awesome for protecting your fingers, though. (affiliate link)

2) Spray paint the wands and allow them to dry. I poked holes in a box and put the wands in the holes so I could get the best coverage while painting.
DIY Harry Potter-ish Magic Wands Tutorial. Super easy and cheap! They looks awsesome, too! #harrypotter #tutorial #wands
The wands took 2-3 days to dry. 
These DIY Harry Potter-ish Magic Wands look soooo awesome and easy to make! #harrypotter #wand #tutorial

3) The wand still felt a little tacky because of the hot glue pieces on them, so my Hubby had the brilliant idea to dust them with a little cornstarch. It took away the tackiness, and it made the little details on the wands pop!

That's it! All the kids at the party loved their wands and how they were all so different. And, they were super cheap and easy to favorite kind of craft! 

What do your  kids want to be for Halloween? Are you guys Harry Potter fans?

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